Church in the centre of Richmond Hill community
The building currently comprises of the historic sanctuary [1880] and the former Christian Development Building [1957] which was renamed "Village Commons".

RHUC has committed to a redevelopment project of the "Village Commons" to create a space for community based groups, artists, musicians, social organisations as well as church groups.

We are currently exploring partnering with United Property Resource Corporation: which is a community building developer working across Canada to build inclusive and sustainable communities.

Important values -

  • Being action-orientated, diverse and inclusive of people, music & theology.
  • Being a spiritually nurturing community.
  • Being a place for re-charging, peace and hope.
  • Being able to raise our questions and wonderings without fear of being bullied or silenced because we are committed to dialogue and hearing many perspectives.
  • Operating from a spirit of abundance rather than scarcity.