Welcome to Richmond Hill United Church!
Living faith story

Our Mission Action Plan expresses how we feel about being called by God to be the church in the world.  We have articulated nine overarching goals and these are our intentions -

  • Be a culture of welcome, respect and safety where we honour one another and celebrate diversity.
  • Engage with the community and local neighbourhood.
  • Ensure our facility aligns with our values, identity and mission.
  • Develop intentional opportunities for people to gather and build relationships, nourish spiritual wellness and engage in justice.
  • Create dynamic, engaging and meaningful worship.
  • Reach out with care to people at all stages of life.
  • Communicate our story both within and beyond the congregation.
  • Be good stewards of our finances and our facilities.
  • Foster and value leaders and volunteers.



  • Join us in person - masks are recommended to keep everyone safe
  • Join us on Zoom, using the link below