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 A message from Leadership and Congregational Development Forum Facilitator, Carolyn Y.    The April 16th Leadership and Congregational Development Forum was well attended with 18 people present. The theme of the Forum was “Convergence” as the primary purpose was to get focused on a few projects and events that converge with our vision of becoming a Centre for Community and the Arts.   

Three ideas were initially presented that converge with our vision:  learning from other congregations about re-development, having a meal with our renters, and creating signage at the front of the church.  During the discussion, two more things emerged that also converge with our vision: concerts and opening the doors to the sanctuary.  The topic which saw the most engagement was that of concerts (and the arts).  There was also broader conversation about volunteer animation and communication within the congregation, especially around our sharing of celebrations and times of concern with the wider church community.    

An important challenge arose in the meeting around finding volunteers or “supporters” for projects and events.  If you are interested in getting involved with a topic mentioned here, I encourage you to reach out.  If you are not sure who to talk to, please e-mail me at  Thank you.