Did you know?

Beef, from cows, takes 6.61 pounds (yes, American) of CO2 emissions per serving as compared to the next highest (sadly) cheese at 2.45 pounds of CO2 emissions per serving. Here are some resources to help you find information on the importance of reducing the meat and dairy in your diet in light of the climate crisis:  

Plant-based diet can fight climate change (UN via BBC) - https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49238749

Carbon Footprint Factsheet (University of Michigan) - https://css.umich.edu/factsheets/carbon-footprint-factsheet 

Here at RHUC we are trying to find ways to make eating vegan more fun.  

Try cooking rice, potatoes, carrots and veggies in delicious sauces with spices and coconut milk and flavoured oils.  Use roasted peppers for flavour and try foods with meat-like textures like mushrooms and eggplant. 

Contact: Esther Collier a.collier@sympatico.ca