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We are trying something new at HAIR for the next four sessions.  I am initiating Dip and Discuss HAIR! January 22 - February 12th


The DIP part:  Each week a recent article on a current issue will be shared and discussed.  You will not need to have expertise, your life experiences and reasoning skills will be just fine!  We will just be dipping our toes into the issue.

The DISCUSS part:  This is the part we are very good at already!  After a short summer of the article, we will discuss the issue.  This means bouncing ideas around about how it makes us feel and where we think this issue will go as the world changes.  Rabbit holes will be very welcome and diverging paths that spring off in new directions as well.  

The first 4 issues will be from The Economist.  There are three ways to access the article:

  • This magazine has a month’s free trial and we will only do a month of articles from The Economist.  So you could choose to take advantage of the free trial using the first link in the box.  
  • Thanks to Dianne and her knowledge of Richmond Hill’s Public Library system, it is also possible to read The Economist using Press Reader and your library card.  (Dianne, any help on how to access that, a link to the site… would be great!)
  • Also, I have included a summary of the article which should give you enough knowledge to join the discussion.



Article and Link

January 22

Chaguan:  The message to the global south (requires you to create an account for a month’s free trial and cancel it at the end of the month)

Or use this summary of the article as your reference to the discussion: 

January 29

Frenemies:  On the left and right economic philosophy is not just changing - it is converging

Or use this summary: 

February 5

The Dark and Bright Sides of Power 

Or use this summary: 

February 12

Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law

Or use this summary:  

February 19th


February 26th


How do we make judgments of others, by actions or by intent?  

How should we - as societies? As individuals?


Looking forward to good discussions, Esther Collier

Contact: David Leyton Brown


Time: 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

 Every week on Mon, until June 3, 2024.

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Meeting ID: 871 8223 7083    Passcode: 681667