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At the 44th General Council meetings (held between Feb – Aug 2022), the General Council approved an amendment to the Basis of Union in The Manual of The United Church of Canada to establish an autonomous National Indigenous Organization. It also authorized a Category 3 Remit to test the will of the church with respect to this change.

The General Council's decision was in response to proposal NIC-01: Restructuring of the Indigenous Church from the National Indigenous Council, which named its vision of the two parts of the church (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) working side-by-side.


From the RHUC Board Minutes of November 8th, 2023, the following motion was passed and has since been sent to the UCC.

Remit NIC 01 – Restructuring of the Indigenous Church.

MOTION – That the Board approve, on behalf of RHUC, Remit NIC 101.

M/S David Leyton-Brown, Jane Wedlock

Motion carried