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 As we celebrate Pride month, I bring you news from GAN, the Grandmothers Advocacy Network,  which is the Advocacy arm of the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF).  

   HONOUR FOR SLF Recently there was good news that Stephen Lewis Foundation has been named a charity of choice by Toronto Pride. This is both an honour and opportunity for additional funds for our African Partners.  

TRAGIC NEWS FROM UGANDA Within the past two weeks,  the President of Uganda has signed into law the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023.  This new law puts our African Partners in Uganda and the LGBTIQ communities they serve in grave danger. Please remember those endangered in your prayers or consider a donation to the LGBTIQ Africa Fund which is a special designated fund of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  

A further tragedy: CHILDREN AND HIV   Right now around the world, a child dies of an AIDS -related illness every 5 minutes. One of the most glaring failures is that just half of the children with HIV are having treatment and although children represent 4% of those with HIV, they account for 15% of all HIV-related deaths.   HIV infected children are more vulnerable to malnutrition and common childhood illnesses.  In fact, in infants and children, undernutrition  is one of the leading causes of death. A nourishing diet is vital to maintain a healthy weight, to help in the absorption of antiretroviral medication and to slowdown the onset of HIV/AIDS.   Studies have shown that 90% of HIV infection in children is the result of mother to child transmission, during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding. Transmission can be prevented if the mother receives antiretroviral treatment during these transmission stages. Such interventions improve the health and development of at risk babies and children.  

A REASON FOR HOPE   In February 2023, 12 African countries with heavy HIV burdens joined the Global Alliance to End HIV in children by 2030. It's aim is twofold: 1--ensure every child with HIV  receives treatment by 2030 2--prevent new infections in infants and children    

Reported by Peg Hiscoke, Hands and Hearts for Africa