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 Mamawe Ota Askihk (Share Life Together Here on Earth) is a cross-cultural group supported by the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre in Beausejour, MB. At Mamawe Ota Askihk events, people learn to reclaim the homegrown, the home-spoken, and the homemade.

These land-based programs encourage friendship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and help all to learn to use the gifts of Earth in a way that honours rather than exploits. This year, participants will be learning to scrape hides, dance on wild rice to remove the husks, and learn traditional ways of gardening.

Your Gift of $25 will help people with low or no income to learn and share at Mamawe Ota Askihk events.


Remove barriers to education Investing in girls' education is investing in the future of a nation. For every year a girl attends school, her future salary increases. Yet in Angola, there are still many girls who have never attended school or have been forced to abandon education at some point in their lives, and the number is rising. 

Gifts of $25 or $200